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iWise (wisdom search engine) is a useful site. It is a repository for all number of quotes (some useful, others not). Users can search for quotes by entering name of person, partial quote or by using the categories section.

iWise homepage

Categories such as

books – reading
writers and writing

and many more will be useful to us as educators.
iWise [...]

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For users of Twitter, TuneIn is a cool little tool.  You can divide the people you follow into channels, such as family, friends, work contacts, networks, etc. However, TuneIn also lets you see links to videos, websites, articles and so on that your contacts have shared.
One of the ideas behind TuneIn is that there is so many [...]

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From Inspired (UK) comes the following article:

Twitter gains respectability
The PM Gordon Brown has saluted the global implications of twitter. Because of it, he suggests, international relations will never be the same again. Meanwhile, schools and young people using twitter have access to an extraordinary range of famous people through such sites as celebritytweet. More usefully, [...]

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View Docs Online

View Docs Online certainly is a quick and simple alternative to GoogleDocs.

View Docs Online homepage

Simply browse your computer for the document you want to upload, click ‘View Docs Online’ and voila, your document is ready to be embedded into blogs, shared via email, Twitter, Delicious, Diigo, LinkedIn, Tumblr (and many more) or even exported as a [...]

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AudioBoo is an audio blogging site that uses mobile phones as a recording device. At present only iPhones and iPod touch can access AudioBoo as an app. Recorded Boos can be accessed via the AudioBoo website or links from sites like Twitter .
Although in the initial stages on development, and as such the website is a bit messy, interested [...]

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Tumblr is an example of a tumblelog. What’s a tumblelog? It is a type of microblogging platform that some people say is better than Twitter.

Tumblr home

Wikipedia describes tumblelogs as

a variation of a blog that favors short-form, mixed-media posts over the longer editorial posts frequently associated with blogging. Common post formats found on tumblelogs include links, [...]

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Twitter is a ‘micro-blogging’ tool that lets you send and receive short messages. Tweets, or messages, contain no more than 140 characters including punctuation and spaces, so messages have to be short and sweet. The information you send in your message is meant to answer the question, ‘What are you doing?’ 


You can invite contacts to [...]

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