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Stemming the tide of cyber bullying

This article was published in today’s Age newspaper and the results of the summit seem to be a step in the right direction regarding the problem of cyber bullying.

Stemming the tide of cyber bullying
October 13, 2009
Korumburra Secondary College classmates William Crawford and Courtney Graue were among 240 students at the state’s first cyber bullying summit. Photo: [...]

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In an ironic twist, Saturday’s Age published two stories about e-books. One by author Carmel Bird (see previous post) who states that the intimacy of turning the pages of a book can never be replaced. The second by Jane Sullivan explains how readers of The Age can access a new and exclusive digital story:

Now screening: [...]

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This lovely article by author Carmel Bird appeared in Saturday’s Age:

Intimacy of turning pages
October 3, 2009
IN A photograph of the Obama family at home, taken by Annie Leibovitz in October 2004, surrounded by images of Abraham Lincoln and Muhammad Ali, there lies, all alone on a clear surface, front and centre, a slightly dog-eared [...]

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After the tragic consequences of the recent incident in Geelong that apparently had links to cyberbullying, here are some websites that teachers and students may like to know about. Jo Robinson, from Orygen Youth Mental Health Services suggests:

Reach Out
MoodGYM (which uses game playing to teach good decision making and other skills).

Other resources include:

Kids Helpline 1800 [...]

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Once upon a digital time

A very interesting article on e-books was published in The Age on Sunday (the headline of the print version was E is for eye-pod):

 Once upon a digital time
Christina Bell, of Mitcham’s Central Book Services, browses her e-reader over coffee.
Photo: Pat Scala
Liz Porter
June 21, 2009
MOST evenings Mandy Brett curls up on her couch to read a new [...]

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Saturday’s Age published a very interesting and thoughtful article by Suzy Freeman-Greene entitled The Write Stuff on the subject of teaching handwriting.

Illustrated by Luisa La Rocca

She has some very interesting thoughts such as  
Florey, an American author, believes handwriting is in crisis. It’s often illegible, she told ABC radio, and in some US schools, kids are being taught something [...]

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