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This recent article in the School Library Journal is an example of a great idea. Got to love the way that the libraries have been consulted about wish lists, distribution has been organised and even new shelving has been factored in…
Baseball’s Kevin Youkilis Goes to Bat for Young Readers
 By Rocco Staino — School Library Journal, 9 July [...]

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An article in today’s (UK time) Guardian newspaper outlines how popular children’s and YA authors have sent a petition to 10 Downing Street asking for schools to have statutory rights to a library.

Written by Alison Flood guardian.co.uk, Wednesday 1 July 2009 12.01 BST
Reading in the school library. Photograph: Graham Turner
A high-profile group of children’s authors, [...]

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Interesting article in Sunday’s Age (the print headline was “Just quietly, libraries have become the place to be”, happily the online version is not so hung up with the ’shush’ stereotype) on the growing popularity of libraries, including school and public libraries:

Libraries become the hip place to be
As exams approach, students cram at the State [...]

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Issuu is an online magazine publishing/hosting service where you can publish your own magazines or read ones developed by other Issuu users.

Issuu homepage

Here is an example of what Issuu offers readers, and the thought that school libraries could publish their handbooks and library guides through Issuu. Imagine how many trees we could save:

There are magazines covering approximately [...]

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ASLA and ALIA have just released research findings on Australian school libraries and teacher librarians. A copy of the report can be accessed here.  Alarming trends regarding budgets and staffing, but many people already knew that from their own school circumstances.  As the ALIA website states, “School libraries are hovering on the poverty line.”
A similar tale in [...]

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