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Nicola Crawford and Maree Bell from Monivae College Library & Information Centre have developed a strong Web 2.0 presence in their school. Nicola explains how this came about.

The WILD Library
 Since completing the SLAV Web 2.0 course last year, we became inspired by all the terrific resources out on the World Wide Web. We wanted to share some of [...]

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LiveMocha is a free language learning website.


With interactive lessons and games, and a huge list of languages to learn, LiveMocha could be useful for LOTE teachers or anyone wanting to learn another language. You can learn at your own pace and even communicate with native language speakers through the site.
From the LiveMocha blog:
About Livemocha
Livemocha is [...]

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Google Translate

Here is a handy tool for LOTE teachers and anyone else wanting to communicate in languages other than English. Google Translate can do three great things:

Enter a phrase in your selected language for search in another language
Add a widget to your webpage to allow it to be translated instantly by readers in other languages
Create content [...]

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Archivd is a collaborative research tool that enables users to “automatically extract images, videos, phone numbers, emails, mailing addresses, prices. Group pages by project and subject. Search the full text of every page and custom field. Research with and get feedback from your coworkers.”


It provides a central space for people with common interests, be they [...]

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Issuu is an online magazine publishing/hosting service where you can publish your own magazines or read ones developed by other Issuu users.

Issuu homepage

Here is an example of what Issuu offers readers, and the thought that school libraries could publish their handbooks and library guides through Issuu. Imagine how many trees we could save:

There are magazines covering approximately [...]

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Looking for a fantastic free animation development site? Scratch just might be what you are after! Developed by a team at MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), Scratch is designed to be used by educators.

Scratch homepage

According to the Scratch website
Scratch is a new programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, [...]

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Sribd is an interesting resource for would-be authors; indeed anyone who is interested in seeking an audience for their work should consider signing up to Scribd.

Scribd is a site where all kinds of documents can be uploaded and shared with either the general public or selected people through assigning them to groups (ideal for schools as [...]

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