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Cloud computing

The Horizon Report recently listed ‘Cloud computing’ as one of the major trends in computer use in 2009. But what does it mean? Simply, the increase in use of sites such as Google Docs, Flickr and so on to store all of our work and personal documents rather than using our computers to store them.
Advantages [...]

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Kerry Rowett, the Client Liaison Officer for Connect (formerly the Education Channel) has kindly agreed to be interviewed by Bright Ideas.

Who is behind the fantastic new Connect websites?

The Connect sites are an evolution of the Victorian Education Channel and are funded by DEECD. Different areas of the Department worked together to create the sites with [...]

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Snap is a tool that can be used if you have a blog, wiki or other webpage. Snap takes your links and automatically adds visual snap shots of them for your readers.

Snap shots home

Accounts are free and easy to set up. There are only a couple of steps:

Set up page

choose the colour for your theme
add a logo if you [...]

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Voki is a resource that enables users to create a talking avatar, a fun way to jazz up (dare I say pimp?) your blog.

There are lots of avatar types to choose from; people, animals, anime characters and so on. Once you have chosen your avatar, you can change the colour of its hair, its lips, [...]

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Jing update

A previous post looked at the screencasting tool Jing. The people that developed Jing have also developed a tool called ‘Screencast‘. Screencast allows users to record, store and share any content from Jing such as videos, images and presentations.
Screencast.com has some new information about:

how to upload media to screencast.com
slowing down your mouse movements so viewers can [...]

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Siosus is a free total online sharing and collaboration workspace.  The free basic package includes unlimited workspaces and unlimited number of members.  
Tools that are included in the free basic package are useful and extensive:

Contacts and group manager
Custom workspace
Manage your files
Calendars and events
Chat and IM
RSS feeds
Web database management
Project management
Task automation

The drawbacks are that there are limits to [...]

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GiggleIT Project

The International Association of School Librarianship has created an innovative and exciting project, GiggleIT.
From the IASL’s media release:

The GiggleIT Project is a global collaborative publishing project hosted by the International Association of School Librarianship (IASL), working in partnership with the International Children’s Digital Library (ICDL).
Designed to help children around the world improve their English language [...]

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Thanks to Nicola Fern, Marketing Manager of ABC Radio National for the following information.
The Australian Broadcasting Corporation has partnered with ABC Radio National’s  Poetica program and the Australia Council for the Arts to bring listeners of their regular Poetica program ‘A Pod of Poets’. Eleven programs feature Australian poets speaking about their writing and reading some pieces [...]

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Thanks to Tamara Carpenter and Kate Jeffrey, from the DEECD Knowledge Bank Online Conferencing Team for the following information:
Elluminate Masterclass - Developing Virtual Classroom Experts
What is it?
The Innovations and Next Practice Division Online Events team are running a series of Elluminate Masterclasses to Victorian educators who are interested in developing the skills to extend their [...]

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Hakia update

A previous post focussed on the Hakia search engine that prides itself on its credibility. The people who have joined Hakia as a member receive an occasional email update. From their latest update, Hakia says:
Imagine a digital newspaper of your own, a Web page where you can park searches or even better your questions. A system monitors new information [...]

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