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Perfect for planning holidays, Dopplr also allows users to share their travels with other users or just selected friends.


The idea behind Dopplr is that of folksonomy; the folks of the world create the information. So the people who have travelled to Melbourne  add in information about where to eat, where to get a great coffee, [...]

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Keepaboo makes capturing memories of your children easy. This Web 2.0 tool lets you ‘collect and preserve your child’s precious memories, view your child’s life in colorful (sic) online 3D books, and share with your family and friends.’

Keepaboo homepage

Keepaboo’s homepage says that you can ‘keep a diary, record milestones, track growth, add pictures and save quotes.’ [...]

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ToonDoo is another social networking/comic strip creator that has relevance to education but is also a lot of fun!

The best part about it is that the ‘toons’ use just one, two or three frames. Such a short toon means that students must really think about how to get their message across in three ideas. Applications [...]

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Just in time for the holidays, but with educational applications too, comes the fabulous Web 2.0 resource Totlol.

Labelled YouTube for toddlers, Totlol uses videos from YouTube that have been selected by parents/educators as appropriate for children aged 6 months to grade school (primary school). Videos are then placed in a queue to be moderated by other Totlol [...]

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This is one for the holidays. Scrapblog is an online scrapbooking tool that lets you ‘create stunning multimedia scrapbooks. Share them online with family and friends and print them.’
Here is an example of what can be created. The rest is up to your imagination!
Please consider sharing your Scrapblog if you find the time to complete one [...]

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Of all the professional photobook printing services accessible via the Internet, Mixbook seems to be the complete package.


Mixbook allows you to import photos from your computer, Flickr, Picassa, Facebook, Yahoo! Search, PhotoBucket and SmugMug. You can also collaborate online with a friend to decide on picture selection and layout. As per many other Web 2.0 [...]

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