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Search me!

Have you seen this new search engine called Search me? Although it is still being developed, you can select what type of search you want (in this case, the search was for George Clooney.) The offering to select from was: movies, US news, motorcycles, politicians or you can ’search all’. Your results are then shown as [...]

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International School Library Month occurs in October.  The theme for 2008 is ‘Literacy and Learning at your School Library’.  Check out more details here.  
What does it involve? The ISLM Bookmark Project involved matched schools making homemade bookmarks  that reflects the International School Library Month theme. Your bookmarks will be sent on to your matched [...]

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Why use Bright ideas?

As most of you probably know, the School Library Association of Victoria recently offered members a professional development opportunity to complete the ‘23 things’ of Web 2.0. The program was a roaring success and SLAV would like to use this blog for library staff to share and support each other in the use of Web 2.0 in schools.
The [...]

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